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A Versatile NDI Video Converter for Professional Use

Introducing the Kiloview N3 3G-SDI/Full NDI converter, a bidirectional device that seamlessly handles 3G-SDI video input (as an encoder) and offers Full NDI output. It also includes a 3G-SDI loop-through for monitor viewing or 3G-SDI video output (as a decoder).

Packed with a range of powerful features, the Kiloview N3 stands out as an exceptional choice for gaining access to the dynamic world of NDI in professional broadcast-grade IP production.

Why Choose NDI?

NDI is a high-performance protocol that allows real-time, ultra-low-latency video usage on existing IP video networks, making it the ideal choice for modern video production.

NDI Webcam Input

Effortlessly designate Kiloview NDI encoders as your video input source in popular desktop video applications like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, Teams, and more using the complimentary NDI® webcam input tool.

Perfect for Your Video Production Needs

The N3 supports up to 3G-SDI HD video input, converting it to Full NDI while providing a loop-through for monitoring. Simultaneously, it supports Full NDI to 3G-SDI output. This versatility makes it a valuable NDI converter that suits a range of applications.

It's an NDI Encoder and Decoder

The Kiloview N3 serves as both an NDI encoder and decoder, all within a compact device (measuring 100x80x28mm). You have the flexibility to switch between these modes using the user interface to accommodate different workflow requirements. Please note that N3's encoding and decoding functions are mutually exclusive and cannot be used simultaneously.

Audio Intercom

The Kiloview N3 offers support for 3.5mm analog audio line in/out or embedded audio, with the capacity to handle up to 16 channels of audio. It also facilitates voice intercom via USB headsets between devices directly or with the Kiloview Intercom server.

Effortless Video Source Detection

With the assistance of the NDI discovery server, your video sources can be easily detected and connected by users on another network when registered to the designated server.

Seamless Switching without Lag

When decoding NDI sources, Kiloview's unique technology ensures smooth and lag-free switching of output NDI videos.

Control with a USB Keypad

In decoder mode, you can preset NDI sources from numbers 0-9 and conveniently connect a USB keypad to the decoder for straightforward source selection with a single press. This device can even be used as a budget-friendly PTZ camera controller.

PTZ Control and Clear Tally

The Kiloview N3 supports PTZ control through USB to serial RS232/485/422, along with PTZ control over IP, eliminating the need for extra cables. The device features a large, bright, and easily visible Tally light for PVW/PGM indication, enhancing team cooperation.

Versatile Power Options

The N3 can be powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), simplifying the setup with a single cable connection. It is designed to accommodate a wide DC input range from 5V to 18V, making it compatible with USB power or camera batteries.

Flexible Mounting Options

With its compact and lightweight design, the N3 can be easily attached to a camera using a threaded screw, providing flexibility in positioning.

Rack-Mountable N3 3G SDI NDI Bi-Directional Converters

For a more organized setup, the Kiloview N3 3G SDI NDI bi-directional converters come in rack-mounted forms, featuring groove designs on both sides for effortless installation in 1U/3U rack systems.


Full NDI Bandwidth Requirement


  • Default Bitrate    
  • 4KP60


  • 4KP30    


  • 125Mbps


  • 90Mbps


Video input    

  • 1*3G-SDI

Video output    

  • 1*3G-SDI(Loop or decoding output)

Audio port    

  • 1*3.5mm


  • 1*RJ45 1000Mbps Ethernet port (with PoE)

Video resolution    

  • Up to 1080p60 (backward compatible with SD/HD/VESA)

NDI® codec capacity    

  • 1*NDI® encoding or 1*NDI® decoding

NDI® codec feature    

  • FULL NDI HD encoding, typical bitrate: 125Mbps@1080p60

LED indicator    

  • Tally light, power light and status connection light


  • PoE, DC, D-Tap (camera) optional. 5-18V wide range supported

Voice intercom    

  • Customization

PTZ Control    

  • Network PTZ and Serial Port


  • Support


  • Web UI and remote management with KILOVIEW KiloLink Server

Power consumption    

  • 6w

Working Temperature    

  • -20~45℃ (Storage temperature: -20~70℃)


  • 100*80*24mm (3.94”*3.15”*0.94”)/0.2 kg

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