Vertical Multicamera streaming comes to Instagram and TikTok, Marketers go wild!

Vertical Multicamera streaming comes to Instagram and TikTok, Marketers go wild!

Virtually an untapped market.

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Instagram and TikTok share some of the largest audiences in all of social media.  A majority of content being shared on these platforms are pre-edited and some shared thousands of times. Those brave enough to take advantage of the audience growth will even go live and engage their audiences. The simplicity of turning on your phone and tap into incredibly massive markets is a turn on especially for marketers and small businesses.  Just turn on the phone and press the live button.   

But some have hesitated as holding the phone on arm's length isn't what they need and a tripod or someone holding a phone may not be ideal, although a good idea to detach your viewers from your arm. For some time, the limitation was the terms of service for some of the platforms which would confine you to only use the phone downloadable applications.  So outside innovation was limited as to what could be offered to marketers, podcasters, and some content creators who did not wish to violate the TOS and get their account banned or temporarily taken down. 

Large companies would use work arounds at the risk or with permission from the Meta overlords. TikTok is not so strict, but you do have to wait to get the initial 1000 followers to even take advantage of their live streaming features.  

Yololiv is a newcomer in the live streaming arena, but found some great successes, by offering simple solutions with some great production capabilities without a subscription.  So basically, a good bang for your buck for startup streamers and small businesses in the school sports and wedding worlds to name a few markets.  They decided to tackle this deserted area of support in the TikTok and Instagram world by simply working withing the terms of service.  Simply, lets make a phone into a production system.  

In comes Instream.

A first in the market focused on Vertical streaming that will open the doors in ideas and marketing options that no other tool can offer.  2 HDMI ports and one USB port for cameras, allow for a 3-camera production to use your favorite consumer or pro level cameras (in a 90-degree angle) for sharp picture and color.  A line in for an audio mixer, or even a mic input for a those doing solo shows but use cameras aimed at products.  The simple touch screen permits easy production and graphic overlays and as if that wasn't enough, the use of a green screen opens the lid to all types of creativity.  

Nearly any market you can think of can benefit with such a production tool.  Affordable, simple to use and open to all sorts of other accessories like, wireless camera options, drones, audio mixers, and more.  Consider it's up to 3 hour battery life and Wifi, ethernet plus the addition to a sim card slot, means location is up to you. 

Take a look at the product and tell us you want one. They are in stock now. 

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