Building Fans With Social and Content You Can Monetize

Building Fans With Social and Content You Can Monetize

Part of our services is the ability ro released music to over 240 digital music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and so many more. We offer the music artists opportunities to create video content showing their trials and tribulations. Being an independent artist has enormous challenges. Today major artists flash their money, from hip hop to pop music, nobody truly sees the work and effort it takes to build their money and especially their fan base. Labels use radio , film and television as leverage to grow artist popularity, but times have changes and more artists are using social media to retain and engage their fans. Some even try to have reality shows on cable to continue their name in the spotlight. We intent to offer that same capability for independent artists. But as far as social media, the artists still have to work at building their fan base.

We hear this term thrown around a lot—“building your tribe”—but what does it really mean? According to Seth Godin, author of the beloved book ‘Tribes’ says a tribe is “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” This idea is actually much bigger than this

He continues.. “A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

This affects all business, careers and subjects. But the ¨shared interest¨ isn´t your music. Having the same taste doesn't mean your community has the same tastes.

It has to be more powerful. The more you share, the more they relate to your passions, interests and points of view. They relate to your humanity. Not your music.

By using social media you can lead your potential fan base to your monetized content.

Music and Passion intersections?

Your story and your passions along with other elements that make you human are an important step to bring in your long term fan base. These elements combine to create part of your Brand.

The importance is such that you need to sit with yourself and determine who you believe you are in society. What do you represent? What has influenced your life? Do your actions appropriately reflect your beliefs? It is the core of what will bind you to perhaps your music but more importantly those who will support you long term. You’re going to be presenting a very niche version of who you are and asking people to join you on your journey. In the process of this soul searching, you must be comfortable being vulnerable. Many artists don't like doing this and remain fairly private. But this is both a weakness and an opportunity for you to rise. The connection you create by allowing fans to feel they are part of your adventure of life, creates a strong bond.

Sharing your knowledge and passions along with the stories of your music individually won't create the bond. Combined permits fans to relate to you on a variety of levels. The more you share the more they can relate, it creates credibility to the depth that your life has experience. If you fake your expertise in something that you are not passionate about, you won't share it, and the less you share, the less connection is established.

Ask yourself, who were your biggest influences in music? Why? Are some of these reasons part of your Brand? Do you feel a connection with your favorite artists? That will give you a perspective as too how your fans may relate to you. Are those artists sharing on social media?

What story have you been telling? Are you interested in inspiring others?

Value is what your fans want from you

On social media, don't post just to post. To attract your long term audience, don't focus on what you or your band had for lunch. Figure out the stories you experience that will allow your fans to connect with you. Don't focus on only talking about the next release. Do you like to hang out with that friend that only talks about themselves?

As a general rule providing free, valuable content most of the time and selling only 10% of the time (or thereabouts). Connect by speaking about your beliefs (Akon has been doing a great job recently by focusing on Africa and how it has advanced.) Give them a reason to come back and read your stuff or video your videos. Use social to bring them to your in depth content.

Being an independent takes commitment and work

As you build your career, and fan base, it won't be as hard as it will be now. But if you believe that releasing a song on every platform will get you "famous" you may not be ready. Sure you want organic growth for you to become super famous. But even labels know that it takes a massive amount of effort to make that happen.

As far as social media, you must learn which platform makes you comfortable. Instagram is popular among some celebrities (The Rock) and Facebook (Tyrese Gibson), Twitter is pretty popular even for some politicians. Each offer a variety of methods of communication. Images, text, video. Which do you feel comfortable with?

Research how your favorite artist uses these tools. Even popular artists that match up in genre and may not be as famous but are above you in popularity. Check out how they engage their fans. What shows do they appear in? Do they have a show or appear on other content? Check out a few of their websites, read their comments, and follow them. Engage with them, eventually they may end up following you.

When you share remember you can be a fan of your fans as well. The more you engage and relate, the more powerful a relationship you create. If you take advantage of creating a show on the Live Entertainment Network platforms, your fans will help create the success you deserve. Just remember that not everything should be about your music.

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