New Live Streaming Master Website

New Live Streaming Master Website

Life streaming is our passion, so we decided to rebuild our website from scratch to make it better for our customers to find what they are looking for.

From software to hardware, we offer the largest range of equipment and tools for a variety of markets. We carry some of the most recognized names and brands in the industry to enhance your experience and add flexibility to your needs.

An extra enhancement is our use of Facebook messenger as a way for you to contact us on the bottom of every page.

We believe that Live Streaming is a natural progression to create relationships with customers, fans, and audiences.

Bring your brand to live is a statement that we will offer guidance from equipment to distribution.

We want to offer a variety of tools and services that we find content creators being in need of. For example some clients want to create tv show style content. From interview shows to cooking shows. Perhaps a fitness show, or yoga. Such a broad use of tools is available to match up for those needs. We offer Lighting, cameras, switchers for portable use or for built in studios we have multi-camera setups with remote controlled PTZ cameras from multiple top brands like PTZ optics or NewTek.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation, where we custom design the list of tools you need to use. We can also offer training for the tools you buy.

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