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Learn a little about our production equipment. We offer a few items for sale on out website, but most of our solutions are based on your needs.  If you are a production company and know what you need. Give us a call and we drop ship what you need.
Live Streaming Master

MimoLive 4.0 released. Live Streaming at its best.

MimoLive has released 4.0   We demo a few features that will enhance your livestreams.

I have been using this application ever since it was called BoinxTV. It offered affordable capabilities that seemed like television, to be recorded. That was nine years ago. I have been able to record content with multi-camera or even multi location interviews since the beginning, then would upload the videos to YouTube. It prevented the need to do post production of any episode, but allowed me to share screen, have a guest from across the world, and have graphics and Video B-Roll in real time. I was able to record a show and upload within minutes. Now with live streaming, it has changed the game again. Boinx graduated to MimoLive. Focusing on live streaming production. I moved with their flow. Mimo has offered capabilities that only recently have come about for other competitors.

New Audio Interface.

MimoLive is an application for Mac. It is a layered based multi-camera, graphics capable switcher, that can stream to multiple platforms such as Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch, Ustream, DailyMotion, and so many more as live streaming continues to grow world wide. Using a layers based interface, it differs from applications such as WireCast and Vmix on the windows side, by not limiting the amount of layers you can create and place. Some layers are modifiable templates, while also providing custom layers, for those who are creative and know some code like JSON. MimoLive also extends its capabilities by providing control interfaces for hardware like PTZOptics remote cameras and ATEM controllers.

New switching interface. (Optional)

New features include comments on screen, a major audio upgrade permitting you to control audio for streaming and separate controls for in location audio. Meaning if you are streaming an event, you can control the audio for the audience at the event , and control volume for the stream. You can multi stream to a few platforms, depending on your upload speed and download speed, they offer controls for each stream, allowing encoding on different resolutions. Thanks to Mac updates, both streams will use multiple cores to hardware encode to the websites individual resolutions. This offers flexibility in which platforms to stream to to reach the markets you want to cater too. Each stream you add will add to the upload requirements to be able to have a clean and good stream. MimoLive does a great job handling fluctuations in bandwidth of your internet, but each stream does add anywhere between 3-6mbps per stream based on the requirements of each platform.

Overall Mimo is a great solution for those starting and those who want to increase their show quality, whether its for sports, small church, school, business, or even independent public access programming. With Technology such as NDI, to extend its capabilities even more, MimoLive also works with 360 broadcasts, the ability to white balance cameras from inside the application (for when you are using different cameras) and so much more.

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Lower Third interface (extra)

Purchase interface for animated Lower Thirds

Part of the features we speak about include comments from YouTube and Facebook on screen.

Version 4.0 – March, 2018

  • New: Redesigned Output Destinations!
  • New: Stream to multiple services at the same time
  • New: Add multiple auxiliary audio output mixes for editor, moderator, other studio guests and more
  • New: Interact with your viewers by integrating YouTube or Facebook comments, moderated or unmoderated, in your stream with the Comments layer
  • New: Keep an eye on your video sources with freely configurable multi-views
  • New: Quickly adjust the white balance of your video sources with the new Levels filter to better match different cameras
  • New: Adjust the main window layout (adjust column width, resize layer preview) to support your workflow perfectly
  • New: Auto Video Switching layer for cycling through sources randomly or after a certain time
  • New: Add-on layers (ATEM Controller, Lower Thirds Pack 1) are now included with mimoLive and can be tested in demo mode before purchase
  • New: Drag & Drop Support for Output Destinations between documents
  • New: Added a time remaining display when recording to disk
  • New: Video filters now have a help button if there is a corresponding online help entry available
  • Enhancement: Now you can access all the Facebook pages you are authorized to stream to, even if it’s an insanely large number 😉
  • Enhancement: Fixed multiple UI glitches
  • Enhancement: Better performance when using video filters
  • Enhancement: Show the layer version and a help button if there is an online help
  • Enhancement: The Motion JPEG Source has a new default URL
  • Enhancement: The following layers were updated with new default graphics and settings: Analog Clock, Basketball Score Keeper, Heading with Object, Lower Third, News Crawl, Waving Flag, Twitter, Playlist Visualizer, Follow, Flying Text
  • Enhancement: If a layer has a source input, for example for the background, the popup menu to choose the source from is now making more sense
  • Fixed: Audio gain settings of movie sources are now saved correctly to the document
  • Fixed: Some mimoCall clients experienced audio echo
  • Fixed: Glitches in Video Switcher and Lower Third when using them in a Remote Control surface
  • Fixed: Crash when working with accounts in the Preference window
  • Fixed: Password fields of layers showed the password
  • Fixed: Assigned files wheren’t restored correctly when opening a document
  • Fixed: Video Switcher now starts with the correct source when switched live
  • Fixed: Playlist Visualize layer did not properly control the Playlist source
  • Fixed: Various crashes

System Requirements:

mimoLive requires a Mac running macOS Yosemite 10.10 or newer. We highly recommend using macOS Sierra 10.12 or later as there are some critical crashing bugs in macOS 10.11 we can’t fix.

Live Streaming Master Demo of MimiLive

MimoLive is a tool for live broadcasting sold at Its permits the use of layered graphics, multi-streaming and 360 broadcasting. Here we demonstrate the powerful potential of the application.

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Capture video with HDMI to USB with Kapchr with audio input Launch Video

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Capture device HDMI to USB with audio for DSLR and Gaming demonstration

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How to connect your DSL are to your computer with Kapchr

New device being released to help podcasters and live streamers increase video quality. The Kapchr device will not only offer benefits with video but it offers simplicity with audio as well.
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Smile Time Review

Quick review of the tools of Smiletime, and its multi camera capabilities. We touch on the ability of having unto four guests and basic Animated gifs and more.

Who’s Kitchen is Zef in Now?

Host Zef, and producer of Live Streaming Master, conjured this live stream for Facebook Live. The idea to present a Malaysian cooking show done in random kitchens. In this test and episode, Zef (more…)

Zef Zan and Carlos Phoenix Presenting at Workpoint

Live Streaming Mastery will be presented at Workpoint. Thanks to Handy Luigi of The Business Leadership Mastermind Group. We will be talking about Live Streaming for business, from increasing reach, authenticity and boost sales, (more…)

Lenzo IPhone Case presented by Anthony Lenzo with Live Streaming Master

Anthony Lenzo has created a product for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7’s to permit you to dive upto 350 ft underwater and still have access to all your controls and shoot upto 4K in (more…)

Real Estate Live Streamed Walk Thru of 59 Fox Run CT.

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Real Estate Walk Thru 15 Wellington Way Ct.

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Live Streamed Real Estate Testimonial from Clare Dubé

So we had done an open house for Clare Dubé, and she loved the work that took a total of about 15 minutes and the reach has been amazing and the response even better. (more…)

In Depth presentation of the Lenzo by Anthony Lenzo

Live Streaming Master had interviewed Emmy Winner Anthony Lenzo and presented his Lenzo product which allows the iPhone to go in water to depths of upto 350 ft. We had some streaming issues on (more…)

Live Streaming Master Real Estate Demo

Live Streaming Master produced a livestream Via Facebook as a sample as to how Agents can do “Open House” streams before they Open House.
All graphics are done live and video playback done (more…)

Business Leadership Mastermind Group with Live Streaming Master Guests.

LIVE STREAM MASTERY March 16th. If you are local join us for the Business Leadership Mastermind Group in Connecticut. Live Streaming for business will be the topic. Register at

Interviewing Emmy Award winner Anthony Lenzo and New Lenzo Casing for iPhone

Live Streaming Master’s Carlos Phoenix interviews inventor and Emmy Award winner Anthony Lenzo about his career and his Lenzo waterproof casing for iPhone on Kickstarter.
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Live Streaming Master going to CreatorCon

Carlos and Zef of Live Streaming Master will be on panels at CreatorCon Live in April.
Created with TouchCast
You can interact with the content on screen, not on YouTube.

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Live Streaming Master interviews Ahmed Johanif Mohd Ali, Director/ Vice President of TMNY

Live Streaming Master talk to the Director of Tourism Malaysia New York.
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Live Streaming Master interviews Fashion Designer Norish Kareem

We interview fashion designer Norish Kareem in one of our first new episodes, where we cover very talented independent people, using our mobile set up.
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