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Many believe live streaming is a fairly new option for most people to market, share, and increase brand and product awareness. But this is not the case. Streaming has existed since the 1990's, if you remember Real Networks as far as video, and early days of Flash. It has expanded over the years and as it improved , so has the technology to produce live content. Our team has dealt with different aspects of live streaming from how to perform in front of camera, to actual television production.


Our team has worked in production for over 15 years and have consulted for businesses for over 10 years. From film, television and media backgrounds, we have an understanding of the needs concerns of what small, medium and large businesses are looking for to reach new markets, especially the Millennial audiences.


Carlos has been in the marketing, advertising and media industry since the age of 15. He has managed to be a set dresser, art director, sci-fi fantasy illustrator, multiple business owner, conceptual artist, album cover artist, camera operator for television, post production video editor, graphic designer, web designer, and live streamer.  So much of what he does is based on his passion for creativity.  He has worked on top brands such as Ford Motor company, Pan AM, Hefty, Wrigley, and done work for agencies as Wells, Rich, Greene, Disney, Warner Bros, Jive Records, Hola Records, and so many more to name a few.

He chose to create content by interviewing independent musicians, artists and film makers. In the process, he created his own video studio where the full production was live, from graphics to video playback during the interview.  Fast forward to today, and now he does the same thing but with audience participation.  As a digital marketer, he has managed to help dozens of business' advance their marketing goals though social media and live streaming.


Benjamin NormanBen is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. After starting his first technology start-up in 1996, he has made a career in business consulting, web & database development, marketing, event planning, and photography/videography. Ben enjoys membership in The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards), Georgia Production Partnership (GPP), and Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and is passionate about his connections to the local technology, film, television, music and digital entertainment industries.

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