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Discover, design and plan customized live streaming strategies to meet your targeted goals. We offer group coaching for business.

Equipment Sales

We offer over 1000 products for production and live streaming solutions for marketing, video marketing, content creation and video productions.


We provide training to help improve your live streaming production quality, that will get you noticed. Increase sales by focusing your content to your buying audience.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology can be incorporated in your marketing strategy for nearly any kind of content or product. Reach customers on their mobile devices.

Content Creation

From marketing to show development, we have resources to assist you in your goals. Studio space and production capabilities are available per request.

Content Distribution

The entertainment industry has completely changed in the past decade, everything is moving towards set top boxes for movies, TV shows, sports and entertainment. We offer multiple solutions to reach your audience in unique new and monetizable ways.

Get the basics of Live Streaming

Check List reviews the essentials that you need

Storytelling is the core of all content creation, from live-streaming,  to marketing. Our consultaion helps guide you to how to begin and what you need.

The Basics >

From marketing to content creation, there are new innovative ways to tell your stories. We offer a great assortment of methods that will reach your markets, from live streaming to beacon technology.

Update your marketing >

Tell stories using our technology to reach your customers by being on their mobile and TV's. Beacon's can interface with your local clients, and promote content and specials on mobile.

Reach where their eyes are.>

Your story is important, it can change peoples lives. Content Strategy from live streaming to social will include using video to build your digital footprint and brand recognition. Combined with beacon marketing you can change the experience your customer have with your brand.

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Concepts of Live Streaming

Live streaming is being used for marketing, promotion, product releases, event coverage, product demos, concerts, TV shows and so much more. Here are samples of some live streams that were created.


Brands We Offer

We offer hardware and software systems for production and live streaming from more than 40 manufacturers and thousands of products in-stock.  Contact us for details and purchasing.